About Us

CS Property Real Estate & Business is your local professional realtor, the first choice for real estate in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat area in Cambodia.

Consult us for residential and commercial property, real estate and business brokerage.

We specialize in the sale and lease of land, apartments, condominiums, flats, villas, homes, hotels, guesthouses & restaurants. We are known for our experienced and professional team, people you can trust.

With a passion for innovative service and up-to-date knowledge of the market, we are the first choice for land, properties, real estate and business investment services in Cambodia. In 2010, our director was awarded the C.I.P.S. Designation & Global Realtor.

Our clients come to us for honesty and integrity. Property dealings in foreign jurisdictions can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls, so whether you want to buy, sell, rent or invest in land, property, real estate or businesses in Cambodia, you will need the assistance and advice of professionals.

Even before a contract is signed, many variables can impact the negotiation and rental or the purchasing process. Our professional team of expatriates, Khmers and Thais have more than five years of property, real estate and business brokerage experience.

We have developed a reputation for honesty and integrity, and maintain the highest standard of professional ethics in client services.

Our Team



Chinda Sovan (Director)

Chinda is a self-made business woman who worked herself up through the ranks in the real estate world. Today she is the owner of CS Property based in Siem Reap.

Chinda is a native of Cambodia. When Cambodia was liberated from Pol Pot’s rule, her family returned. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs with a penchant for real estate and the service industry. Her grandfather used to reconstruct houses, her father is an architect, her mother and sister are restaurateurs, three of her brothers are business owners, and another is a politician.

Chinda started her professional career at the age of sixteen and worked herself up through the ranks. She knows her way around the real estate business. For many years, Chinda has successfully negotiated on behalf of her clients on purchases, sales and leases of large hotels, small boutique hotels, villas, land, houses and apartments. Her networking contacts in the property development world, legal world and business licenses and permits makes of Chinda an essential partner in local business dealings.

Recently, Chinda completed the construction of her own home in Siem Reap—which is no mean feat in Cambodia.

A graduate of the Advent School in English for Khmers, Chinda is also a graduate of REBA, the Bangkok-based Real Estate Broker Association. Before concentrating all her efforts in CS-Property, in past years, Chinda was also associated with foreign partners as director of companies such as Evans Sovan Property & Business, Siem Reap Rental – ASIA, and Cambodia Business Investment, and Cambodia Insight.



Ian Roberts

Ian is a former Managing Director and CEO of a printing business he formed in United Kingdom in 1988. He retired and sold the business in 2007 to travel around the world with his wife and family.

Ian soon got bored though and purchased a Sihanoukville Guest House in 2007, which he managed for seven years before moving to Siem Reap. He purchased a Boutique Hotel, which he managed for 1 year before selling the Hotel in 2015.

Ian worked with Siem Reap Property & Businesses and Cambodia Insight Magazine as Operations Manager before moving with Chinda Sovan to CS Property Real Estate & Business.



Dalin is a property and real estate specialist in Siem Reap

Dalin Ly

Dalin comes from a family of entrepreneurs, one half in the house building and property industry, the other in the service industry. Although growing up with an architect father, Dalin was drawn more to helping her mother in the restaurant and service aspect of the family business. This is her strength, to care what her clients want, and to fulfill client needs. Dalin is all about customer service and that is why she is a great asset for CS-Property. Dalin’s detail to service is what makes of her someone you want on your side in lease negotiations and finalizing deals where a win-win solution is required.